About Us - Activewear Boutique 8 in Radlett

Hi!  The obligatory About Us page where we talk about our dream and hard work and it all sounds very Martin Luther-Kingy!

It might not be so inspirational but it's certainly been hard work - successful in my 20s as an estate agent, I haven't properly worked since since 2010 when I had my first child.

We've got two kids now and yes I've raised them and cared for them but you know what I mean - I haven't properly worked since 2010.

I love activewear...actually I love clothes.  In fact, I love all new things.  But I particularly love activewear and I call it just 'wear' because I wear it at home, while I'm active, while I'm lounging and while I'm eating.

I've always wanted to open a store selling brands I would wear myself - high quality, high fashion but also age and task appropriate.  There are some fabulous brands out there worn by people that look hot af, but could you home school in those leggings or pop to the Post Office to return something in that top?!

Everything on my website has been tried and tested by me and as well as the model shots, you'll see it on my Instagram and Facebook worn by real people in real situations.  Everyone looks amazing doing yoga on Runyon Canyon but I'll show you leggings that won't show your thong when you're picking up the school bags from the floor and a top that you could have a Zoom call in just before you start that home workout.

I live in Radlett, our shop is in Radlett and we ship worldwide - pop in and say hi or message me if you can't.

If you think I've missed a trick and there's a brand I'll love, please message me!

Oh almost forgot - why are we called Boutique 8?  Boutique - small, friendly, local. 8 - we're a basketball loving family and miss Kobe Bryant.  This was his first Lakers number.


Alice x